1. Purpose

The purpose of this Waiver-Eligibility Policy is to outline the criteria and process for granting waivers of publication fees for authors submitting manuscripts to the Accounting & Management Research Review (AMRR). The policy aims to ensure fair and equitable access to publication opportunities while maintaining the financial sustainability of the journal.

2. Eligibility Criteria

2.1. Financial Hardship: Authors facing financial hardship may be eligible for a waiver. Financial hardship is defined as the inability to pay the publication fee without compromising essential needs.

2.2. Geographic Location: Authors affiliated with institutions in low-income or lower-middle-income economies, as defined by the World Bank classification, may be considered for a waiver.

2.3. Exceptional Circumstances: Authors facing exceptional circumstances, such as unforeseen financial challenges, may be eligible for a waiver at the discretion of the editorial board.

3. Application Process

3.1. Submission Timing: Authors requesting a fee waiver must submit a waiver application at the time of manuscript submission.

3.2. Waiver Request Form: Authors must complete the designated waiver request form, providing detailed information regarding the basis for their request, along with supporting documentation.

3.3. Confidentiality: All information provided in the waiver request form will be treated confidentially. The editorial board will make decisions based solely on the merits of the request.

4. Review and Decision

4.1. Review Committee: The editorial board will appoint a review committee responsible for evaluating waiver requests.

4.2. Decision Criteria: The committee will assess waiver requests based on the eligibility criteria outlined in Section 2. The decision will be communicated to the author promptly.

4.3. Notification: Authors will be notified of the committee's decision within a reasonable timeframe. If a waiver is granted, the manuscript will proceed through the standard peer-review process.